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Taking Care of Your Glasses

To care for your glasses properly, please remember to always run your glasses under water and dry them off with a soft cloth. I.e. face cloth, dish towel, cloth diaper, or old clean T-shirt. NO paper towels, toilet paper, tissues. They are all wood products and have wood fibers that after time will scratch your lenses. NO Windex or chemicals. They could break down your lens material and cause them to peel and/or fracture. Also do NOT wipe them dry. You will scratch the dust and dirt into your lenses. The cloth that you use to wipe your glasses dry, make sure it's not washed or dried with any fabric softeners, because it will cause a film build up on your lenses. Do not hesitate to stop in and we will clean your glasses for you free of charge.

If you are purchased transition lenses, remember to activate them. You can do this by leaving them in DIRECT sunlight for 2 hours. (NOT on the dash of your car or behind a window.) Then bring them in and put them in a dark place for 20 minutes. This will allow them to go clear. Keep in mind that your transitions will work before they activated, just not to their fullest potential.


If your doctor changes your prescription within 30 days from your purchase, VIP EYES will offer a one time courtesy replacement.

If your doctor changes your prescription a second time 30 days from your purchase, VIP EYES will remake them at 50% off.

There is a 1 year warranty against manufactures defects on your frame. (No warranty on close out frames & 2 years on silhouettes.) in order for your frame to be covered for a warranty, all parts must be returned and do not use glue on your glasses for any reason. This will make your warranty null and void. We also offer lifetime of free adjustments, screws, and cleanings etc. Feel free to call or stop by any time with any questions or concerns.